Los Angeles WordPress Workshops For Small Biz & Blogging Success – Jan 29 & Feb 5

Getting Started With WordPress For Business (and Serious Bloggers!)


Have an idea for a business or blog and need to get a website up and running at minimal expense? These workshops will provide step-by-step instruction for using self-hosted WordPress and plenty of hand-holding where necessary! Get all your questions answered in a friendly,comfortable environment.

This is a 2 part workshop, although each part stands alone, so you may attend either day separately, or purchase both days at a discounted price.

Part 1 – The Basics – Installing and Using WordPress – Saturday, January 29th – 1:45pm – 4pm

Part 2 – Essential Features For A Successful Site  – Saturday, February 5th – 1:45pm – 4pm

each workshop is $50, or buy both for $75
Register for WordPress For Small Business & Blogging Success Workshop in Los Angeles, CA  on Eventbrite

@ Blankspaces
5405 Wilshire Blvd (2 blocks west of La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Bring your laptop, this is a hands-on workshop!

Space is LIMITED so register early. There will be a max of 10 attendees on each day.
If you have any questions about the workshops, please email me: [email protected]

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Improve Your Site’s Effectiveness With Google Analytics Event Tracking

This post is a taste of  what’s to come in my forthcoming Google Analytics Ebook. Sign up to be notified of its launch and for a special promotional price.

Internal Link Tracking Using Google Analytics

On your blog or website you may have multiple links –such as icons or calls to action in different locations – leading to the same page, product or piece of content – but do you know which link placement and type is most effective?

Heatmap software and services such as CrazyEgg will give you this type of information in great detail and in a visual format. But there’s usually a cost involved and for a lot of cases it might be overkill if you just need simple comparisons. So while not as elegant, you can use Google Analytics to do some simple testing and comparison.

Warning – Don’t Use Link Tagging!

Google Analytics offers a link tagging feature  which allows you to label links with a referral source, and other tracking info. On first glance you might think you could simply use this to tag your internal links in a similar way. However link tagging is designed to track promotional campaigns with traffic coming from external sources. If you use it for internal links, you will screw up your data. If someone arrives at your site via a link from another site, this would be tracked in GA as a referring site. However if that visitor then clicks an internal link that you’ve tagged, it erases that referral source and replaces it with whatever you’ve used in your link tagging.

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The Antidote to Information Addiction (AKA Blogger’s Syndrome)

Here’s a couple of simple truths about blogging:

There is no ‘secret’ to the success of your blog.

There’s barely anything new at all to be said or read on the topic of blogging.

Once you’ve got a solid grasp on the fundamentals, it’s all about execution – gathering more and more information ends up being crippling and getting in the way.

Information Overload

As bloggers and business people, our Twitter streams, Google Readers and Facebook News Feeds are likely filled with all kinds of tempting headlines about secrets and methods to success – whether that’s getting subscribers, readers, traffic, you-name-it – there’s a ‘secret’ and a ten-point plan to getting it.

Except there’s really not. When you click on those links, how often do you actually find something new you can use? Personally, I find that to be rare. Yet we keep on clicking. Somewhere in our ‘lizard brain’ (as Seth Godin would say), we are looking for easy & magical answers.  We’re looking for something ‘out there’ which will save us from actually doing the work, and that will have instant and incredible effects.

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