Things You Should Know Before You Start Blogging

Avoid the 6 month blog fizzle-out, or the non-starter by being prepared for what’s to come in your new incarnation as: A Blogger. I wrote a guest post for She Takes On The World with some pointers on the topic. Set yourself up for success – read the whole article at She Takes On The World

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  1. Bojan

    Good review post! Especially the "Aim for good, not perfect"! I opened up a blog only now because of a couple failed attempts of crafting perfection. :)

    Btw, which social tools plugin are you using? I like the "acrylic" buttons below your posts!

    1. LucyBeer

      Thanks Bojan!
      Actually I'm not using a plugin for social tools – I hardcoded the links and I found the icons for free somewhere online…

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