I have a computer science degree and used to be a software designer so I am not easily impressed; so I interviewed a few web consultants and luckily I found Lucy Beer.

Lucy is simply THE BEST! Lucy is very knowledgeable and quick, and friendly! She answered all my questions & helped me understand SEO, WordPress, and so much more on the web… she made it easy to understand and implement. Lucy also helped me organize my marketing efforts so I don’t waste my time and money & succeed faster…
I am extremely grateful to Lucy and very appreciative of ALL she has done for me.

— Ellie Partovi, Pro Per Legal

I call Lucy the Zen Master of WordPress. Lucy helped me set up, maintain, encourage, and fix my WordPress site. All of this done with out panic, hysteria or attitude. She fixed what other ‘experts’ had done. She helps you grow and learn. Really knows her stuff. I highly recommend working with her. It’s always a pleasure I look forward to when we work together. We have also worked together remotely via screensharing. That works great also. So where ever you are in the world, Lucy is there to help you.
— Sandy Sallin, ApartFromMyArt.com

I just had my first WordPress training session with Lucy Beer and it was
B A N A N A S !!! If you need any coaching/training on the web or with WordPress, see Lucy before you bang your head against the wall 127 times!!!! Well worth it.
— Robert Griffin, Digital Targeting

WordPress is like Mandarin Chinese to me. Or Neuroscience. But after Lucy has visited and sat with me and helped me navigate my widgets, menus, categories, sidebars and html it’s as though a fog has cleared and I’m navigating solo. She is always prompt, reliable, friendly, helpful and encouraging. Her rates are more than fair. (Don’t tell her I said that). She’s there in a crisis, which in the tech world is perhaps the most important thing. I hesitate in writing this testimonial only because I don’t want her to get too busy for me!
— Shannon Colleary, The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful

Being referred to Lucy is one of the best things that ever happened to me. She is patient, smart and really knows her stuff. She is also an excellent teacher, showing me how to do things on my own so that I am not dependent upon her forever. I recommend her without reservation.
— Molly Larkin, mollylarkin.com

I wanted to send this picture to you – you really know your stuff – look at how my data has increased be following a few changes on my site! You’re awesome, the best money I have spent. Thanks so much!
— Kristine
More traffic as a result of consultation with Lucy Beer of WebTrainingWheels

I was absolutely stumped when my employer told me I would be taking over the business website. Thank GOD I found Lucy…MY COACH! All that computer language just went right over my head….and still does sometimes, but then I know I can call on Lucy and she has everything explained in a few minutes. It’s so much fun to learn this stuff from her!
Not only is she pleasant and makes everything SUPER easy, she is quite affordable! I honestly didn’t think it would be this easy to manage a site. I really look forward to our meetings now. She has a great spirit and is extremely knowledgeable.
— Shannon, lshabanmd.com

I came across Web Training Wheels when I was looking for a way to replace my iWeb website since Apple no longer supports iWeb. I wanted something that was as easy to use as iWeb and could also do what I needed. Many people suggested WordPress, but I was completely unable to figure this out on my own. When speaking with Lucy, I could immediately tell she was going to be able to provide me with the exact training I needed. She came to my home and guided be through the process with a light and fun attitude, but with just the right amount of “business” so I could get done what I needed. She knows all the secrets, ins & outs, shortcuts, etc., about WordPress and can explain them so even I could understand them. She was also available by email to answer short questions when I got stuck down the line. If you are wanting to do your own website, Lucy is just the right person for the job.
— Frances N., www.mfrcenter.com

I found Lucy using a Google search. She came to my house for the first visit and it was a great experience. We have since done our sessions remotely. Although it’s lovely to see her smiling face, I think the remote sessions are very efficient. She’s able to see my computer screen and guide me directly through each step. I feel a strong sense of relief that Lucy is there to help me with my technical challenges. We schedule sessions as needed and she always calls right on time. Thanks for your help Lucy!
— Connie Harter, Sloganshirts.com

Lucy Beer and WebTrainingWheels have taught me SEO strategies and website optimization. She’s been instrumental in keeping me up to speed with the changing landscape of online marketing. But knowledge/mastery of topic is one thing. Lucy is a skilled teacher as well.
— Nicole Balin, Ballin PR (print & online publicity)

Working with Lucy Beer couldn’t be faster or easier. We consult by phone, I tell her what I need, and — poof! — like magic, she makes it happen. I recommend her without reservation.
— Rene Lynch

Thanks so much for an extremely entertaining and productive WordPress training session. Your extreme patience, clear directions and explanations, and wonderfully positive manner made the time fly by.
— Brandy Hambleton

I have had the privilege of learning from Lucy in both her beginning WordPress and Search Engine Optimization classes. I recommend her highly. Lucy teaches information and tips in a way that is easy to understand. She is friendly, funny and removes the confusion from learning techniques that may at first seem difficult. I left both classes feeling more confident in my abilities.
— Mark, WarmSweaters.com

Lucy is hands-down one of the best teachers I have ever had and I’ve had quite a few. Her communication skills are clear, which made my learning process faster and easier. Two words – Lucy ROCKS!
— Stephany Alexander – Author, Internet Entrepreneur and Relationship Expert

Lucy helped me learn the basics of WordPress and set up my blog (within hours) so that I was up and running like a blogging professional.
With a gentle demeanor, she is easy to talk to, and didn’t run screaming out of my office when I asked redundant questions.
She thoroughly helped me with everything I asked, cheerfully showing me the way through WordPress land. Thank you Lucy!
— Butterfly du Jour,  www.eroticadujour.com

You Rock!!!!
Thank you, so much, for everything! You made me “get” the web, which is not that easy:) I am SO excited about starting my own website. You are SO informative and have such a great way about you.
–Turon, Professional Organizer

Lucy is so great to work with! She’s super responsive, very professional, and she really knows WordPress! I have hired her several times and will do so again in the future, that’s for sure.
— Sarah Auerswald, MarVistaMom.com, MomsLA.com

Lucy is a wonderful resource for all things WordPress. She gave me more information and guidance in one half-day class than I received over many “training” sessions the PR/Web design firm who originally designed my site. I am already planning future sessions with Lucy for new sites.
— Kristina DeLion, GuavaLeafExtract.com

Working with Lucy to transfer my WordPress site to a new host was a great experience. She was efficient, friendly, and reliable. It was time I stopped wearing the IT hat and passed the baton to a pro. Lucy saved me hours of time that I could instead devote to running my business. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.
— Michael Grodsky, HealthInsuranceForArtists.com

I knew almost nothing about SEO writing before taking Lucy’s class, but she has an amazing ability to make complicated issues simple. I’d recommend her class to anyone.
— Katherine Stuart

I highly recommend Lucy Beer, who helped me go from 0 to 70 mph on my brand new website in a few days. An expert on WordPress, she helped me get hosting, choose a WordPress theme, get it installed and ready to roll. She came to my house and taught me how to use WordPress in person — a valuable and time-efficient service. It would have taken me many days and possibly weeks of stumbling around by myself to achieve what we did together in a couple of hours. In addition, after my lesson, she made herself available for questions as they arose, and she has helped me work through technical glitches that threatened to derail my progress.
Her soft-spoken and low-key demeanor doesn’t hide her sense of humor, which is a welcome attribute in the tech world. She is gentle with newbies and confident in her material. If she doesn’t know something, she researches it and fills you in ASAP so you can move on quickly with your plans. I highly recommend Lucy as a professional WordPress and online marketing expert.
–Dorothy Reinhold, ShockinglyDelicious.com

“Lucy Beer not only knows her stuff, she has a gift for imparting  that knowledge – teaching this computer-challenged “old dog new tricks.” It’s like having someone translate an impossible foreign language, while instantaneously learning to understand and speak it yourself! She is accurate, fast and fun to work with, and I am so relieved to know she is only an email away when I need her. She is also honest, and does not waste your time or money. I can’t recommend her highly enough. “
— Julie Anne Rhodes – The Roving Stove, Jewels From The Roving Stove

“Even as someone who has a fair amount of experience tinkering with WordPress, I immediately thought to hire Lucy to ride shotgun while I set up my firm’s new website. She sat with me for a few hours and refreshed me on the basics of setup and optimization, confirming what I was hoping to and informing me on lots that I didn’t know about. It was great to have a partner to talk through things with, leaving me confident to proceed. I also kept Lucy on for an extra hour of follow-up support, which has proved immensely helpful!”
-– Morgan Raskin, Director of Strategy & Development, Glow – Exhibitions | Events | Interiors

“I found Lucy Beer to be extremely knowledgeable with WordPress. She showed me a handful of WP tips and techniques all within two quick hours. Before I knew it, I was able to select a WP theme and customize my site with a few plugins. I have been updating my site with content ever since. WP makes site building a lot of fun, and I am grateful for Lucy’s friendly personality and practical and expert advice. I am definitely looking forward to my next training session with Lucy…”
— Liora, Jewkbox.com – a Jewish community website.

“Lucy helped us think through the design of our site, then provided helpful guidance while we managed to put it all together. Not only is she patient, expeditious, and competent, she is also often available in the wee hours when you think you’ve crashed the system and need someone to turn to! Now that we’re set up, we are going to use Lucy further for her knowledge of web marketing and social networking.”

— Julie, JumalaLive.com, a music discovery website

“Lucy was very helpful. Without her help on our blogs I think we would still be trying to figure things out. She was a god send.”
–Duane Overturf, GiantCandleCo

“Lucy has been, and continues to be a great resource in coaching me on how to set up my blog and patiently explaining all the ins and outs of WordPress, html, social networks, etc. She responds to my questions in a timely fashion. And, she is extremely knowledgeable in this area. I recommend her highly.”

— Gayook, The Forgotten Peace – Healing Trauma Through Qigong

“It was so wonderful to have Lucy come over. She was patient and used the time well. She absolutely knows everything that needs to be known about blogs and those pesky details that need patience and knowledge. Lucy answered emailed questions quickly and completely. I love having Lucy on my side … ”

— Madeleine, In New York Paris Tomorrow

“It was easy to feel overwhelmed by the big, bad world of bloggers. Lucy demystified it all and I’m now addicted to my blog! Thanks, Lucy!”

— Andrea, LittleDesignerBook.com