Have Your Face Show Up In Google Results

Your Face In Google's Search ResultsHave you noticed how some Google listings show a wee photo of the author along with a link to their Google Plus profile? This nifty feature is part of Google Authorship which is a way of associating your name and Google Plus profile with content you create around the web. Because results that have authorship stand out much more, you’ll see better click throughs to your content. It’s pretty easy to set up if you follow Yoast’s guide. This is the perfect reason to stop avoiding setting up your Google Plus profile !

Link: Yoast’s guide to setting up author highlights 

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  1. Sam Blogger

    Thanks for this, but i have an issue that some time my picture came but some time not. Is this a problem with me or a common problem. One more thing i want to ask that can we use more then one author images for different article for same blog ? if yes then hoe ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Brian Bilotte

    Do you have any idea how to go about getting your picture to show up more often? Yoast's instructions were great, but my picture doesn't always show up. I'm betting I need more "circling" amongst G+ members to build Author Rank or something.

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