Having Problems With Missed Scheduled Posts in WordPress?

Problems With Missed Scheduled Posts in WordPressThe in-built post scheduling feature of WordPress is super-handy….until it starts not to work. Then it is a cause of huge headaches. I’ve yet to find a clear cut answer as to why it happens, but sometimes WordPress will fail to publish a scheduled post.

However, the fix is fortunately simple. There is a plugin called WP Missed Schedule. There are no settings – just install and activate. Its sole purpose in life is to check your site every few minutes and if it sees any scheduled posts were missed by WordPress, it will publish them for you. And that is all :)

Link: WP Missed Schedule

image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/55432818@N02/5500963965/

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  1. LucyBeer

    Hey Ben! Thanks so much for your input. Both sites I saw this problem on recently get plenty of traffic…it remains a bit of a mystery – one site in particular had been having no problems with the scheduled posts for a long time….maybe the webhost changed something on their end….

    1. @undefined

      You should look into firewall and DNS settings then. Let the host know how wp-cron works, by creating a call back to itself, and see if they have any restrictions

  2. @undefined

    This is @benlobaugh by the way. Not sure why I am showing up as undefined

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