How to Delete All Comments in WordPress

Comments can easily build up on a WordPress site, especially if you don’t have any anti-spam measures in place. It seems easy enough to get rid of them all, there are tons of plugins for this, but there are some nuances you should be aware of to make sure you’re deleting the right information, and doing a thorough job.

Let’s look at how to clean up this aspect of your WordPress site.

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What is a back to top / scroll up button?

On some websites you may see an arrow in the bottom left or right corner. When you click this, it jumps you back up to the top of the page with one click. This is helpful on pages with long form content, or infinite scroll, so that you don’t have to manually scroll back to the top of the page.

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Destination folder already exists error in WordPress

The “destination folder already exists” message will show up in your WordPress dashboard if you try to install a theme or a plugin that already exists on the server.

To learn more about the behind the scenes of your WordPress site, please see this guide: Going Beyond WordPress Basics

But, in brief, when you install a plugin or theme, a folder on your server is created.

So if you try to upload the same plugin or theme again, there will already be a folder with the same name, and that creates a conflict – you can’t have more than 1 folder in the same location with the same name.

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How to Delete a Theme in WordPress

It’s a good practice to remove unused themes so that you don’t have to maintain them with updates for security purposes.

If a theme is installed on your site, it means all the files still exist on your server. That means the code could still be exploited, even if the theme isn’t active. So you either have to maintain the updates for the theme, or you should just remove it.

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