Find Unused Images in WordPress

Cleaning up your media library and removing unused images can help you reduce disk space usage at your host, which could save you money. It also keeps the overall size of your site down, which will make backing it up and migrating it easier.

Whatever your motivation, getting rid of images you are no longer using is a great way to tackle this. But how can you find and remove unused images?

Don’t get unattached images confused with unused images and mass delete anything unattached. No, for this task you will need a slightly more sophisticated tool.

There are a few helpful plugins out there to assist. There are also some pretty useless ones. I tested several and I’ll let you know which ones to try out and which to avoid.

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What are Unattached Images in WordPress?

The concept of attached and unattached images seems to be a throwback to a time long gone when WordPress relied on these relationships between images and posts for some features like the gallery shortcode.

These days the concept is much less useful or relevant. But since it still has leftovers that are visible in the WordPress interface, it’s worth understanding.

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WordPress Has a Number of Scheduled Tasks Which are Overdue

“WordPress has a number of scheduled tasks which are overdue” is a warning you may see from the Updraft Plus plugin.

It’s not an issue with Updraft itself, but it’s reporting an issue with your WordPress site in general. More specifically, it’s letting you know that the WordPress system that handles scheduled tasks, WP Cron, is not running as expected. However, this issue may prevent Updraft’s scheduled backups from running on time.

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Disable Comments in WordPress

If you’re tired of spam, or just find that comments are not appropriate for your site, you may want to disable this WordPress feature entirely.

If you are trying to find a way to remove the “leave a reply” text on your content, disabling comments is also the way to go. If you only want to modify the “leave a reply” text, see this tutorial instead.

Disabling comments for a brand new site is easy enough, but if you have an existing site with published content and comments, you will need to take a few extra steps.

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