Get Your Readers To Stay Longer With Related Posts

Keeping your blog readers engaged

If you’re a blogger, you’ve no doubt heard that you want your readers to be ‘engaged’ with your blog. What does that actually mean? Well basically it means you want to keep people on your site longer, you want them to explore your site, find more posts they are interested in and read more than the one post they perhaps initially landed on. ‘Related posts’ plugins can help with this because in various ways, shapes and forms, they create lists of related content at the bottom of any given blog post, to provide the reader relevant recommendations and an easy next click that keeps them on your site.

The problem with some related posts plugins is that they create these recommendations automatically ,on the fly, every time someone is viewing a blog post. In layman’s terms this just means that your database and server are doing way more work than they have to, and this inefficiency can  slow down your site.

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All Slides From WordCamp Seattle 2012

WordCamp Seattle 2012

I discussed my experience at Seattle WordCamp 2012 in a previous post. This one is simply to serve as a collecting point for all the presentation slides from the event, or as many as I could find in any case. Feast below, there’s some great info to be had….


Using WordPress as Your Company’s Website
Kelli Wise
See the slides

SEO for Bloggers
Justin Briggs
See the slides

WYSI-WHA!?! Taming the WordPress Editor
Mark Root-Wiley & Christine Winckler
See the slides

How to Promote Your Blog Without Losing Your Soul
Laura Kimball
See the checklist
See the slides

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WordPress – Going Beyond The Basics – Slides from Wordcamp Seattle 2012

WordCamp Seattle 2012

This weekend I had the honor and pleasure of speaking at Seattle’s WordCamp. I have never attended a WordCamp outside of Southern California before and was pleased to experience the same feeling of community there that I have at other events.

My topic was “WordPress – Going Beyond The Basics: An Adventure Behind the Scenes of your WordPress Site!

The goal was to introduce some key files, concepts and best practices for WordPress users who are not developers but are ready to take their knowledge of WordPress further than the dashboard. The presentation included a quick live demo of how to make a CSS tweak using Chrome Developer Tools, by way of a child theme.

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WordPress Sites That Don’t Look Like WordPress Sites

For a presentation I was giving recently, I wanted to find examples of WordPress sites that didn’t look like your typical WordPress sites. I wanted to show the versatility of WordPress, since many people still think it’s just used for blogs and think all WordPress sites look the same.

So here’s a few of my favorite examples of custom WordPress sites that break the mold.

Twisted Sista

A slick showcase of hair products :: Visit Site

WordPress Showcase - Twisted Sista

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WordCamp San Diego 2012 – All The Knowledge!!

WordCamp San Diego 2012WordCamp San Diego took place this past weekend, and as usual it was a day of learning, community and fun! Tickets to this event sold out extremely quickly so many folks missed out. Below you will find links to all of the slides from the presenters so if you missed the event you can still glean some of the knowledge that was presented. There were 2 tracks – a more basic, less code-y one for End-Users, and a Developer track for hardcore coders. Find a WordCamp event near you


Start-Ups and WordPress
Chris Lema
WordPress can be used for more than just your Blog or your Web Site. It can just as easily power a variety of other parts of your business model – including validating your product concepts, supporting existing customers, capturing feedback, and more. Here’s the scoop on how to use WordPress for landing pages, project hubs, support systems, video membership sites, and surveys.
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