All Slides From WordCamp Seattle 2012

WordCamp Seattle 2012

I discussed my experience at Seattle WordCamp 2012 in a previous post. This one is simply to serve as a collecting point for all the presentation slides from the event, or as many as I could find in any case. Feast below, there’s some great info to be had….


Using WordPress as Your Company’s Website
Kelli Wise
See the slides

SEO for Bloggers
Justin Briggs
See the slides

WYSI-WHA!?! Taming the WordPress Editor
Mark Root-Wiley & Christine Winckler
See the slides

How to Promote Your Blog Without Losing Your Soul
Laura Kimball
See the checklist
See the slides

Copyright Craziness: Reality, The Law and the Future
Aaron Hockley


Going Beyond The Basics of WordPress
Lucy Beer
See the slides

How to Build a Custom Portfolio Feature Slider
Christine Rondeau
See the tutorial

Underscoring Theme development
Michael Fields
_s theme on Github
Monster Widget


WordPress at the Command Line – An Introduction to wpshell and wp-cli
Daniel Bachhuber
See the slides

The Capitalist in the Co-Op: The Art & Science of the Premium WordPress Business
Shane Pearlman
See the slides

Integrating WordPress with External APIs
Eric Mann
See the slides

There’s a Function for That: More for Less with Core Functions
Zack Tollman
See the slides 

Performance, Optimization and Scaling
Pete Mall
See the slides 

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  2. Julie

    Excellent. Thank you Lucy!

  3. Ann Marie Gill

    Wow! All the presentation slides in one place? This is great. Thanks for taking the time to put this together…really appreciate it. Wordcamp Seattle was a blast – my first one! It was nice to be surrounded by folks who are so passionate about WordPress. With every WordPress website I create and "tweak" I learn more and love it even more. Thanks for being a part of the learning process!

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