WordCamp San Diego 2012 – All The Knowledge!!

WordCamp San Diego 2012WordCamp San Diego took place this past weekend, and as usual it was a day of learning, community and fun! Tickets to this event sold out extremely quickly so many folks missed out. Below you will find links to all of the slides from the presenters so if you missed the event you can still glean some of the knowledge that was presented. There were 2 tracks – a more basic, less code-y one for End-Users, and a Developer track for hardcore coders. Find a WordCamp event near you


Start-Ups and WordPress
Chris Lema
WordPress can be used for more than just your Blog or your Web Site. It can just as easily power a variety of other parts of your business model – including validating your product concepts, supporting existing customers, capturing feedback, and more. Here’s the scoop on how to use WordPress for landing pages, project hubs, support systems, video membership sites, and surveys.
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SEO With WordPress
Gary Magnone
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Custom Goals and Custom Themes
Cody Landefeld
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WordPress as your Publishing Hub
Andrew Spittle
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Formula For a Successful WordPress Project
Wes Chyrchel
If you build WordPress websites for a living, this presentation is for you. We go through why you are in business and then steps through the process of handling your project Before, During and After. A great compliment to any developers reference materials.
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WordPress MultiSite
Brad Williams
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Planning & Prepping A Design For Development
Robert Nienhuis
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How To Fix Broken UI
Steve Zehngut
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Information Architecture for WordPress
Chris Ford
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Accomplish It With Core: Galleries, Sliders & More
Andy Stratton
“Building custom theme/plugin functionality using powerful built-in core API’s / libraries. Thinking about things in terms of core functionality and rolling your own.”
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Premium Plugins & Adhering To The GPL
Brandon Dove
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Playing Hooky with Actions and Filters
Jeffrey Zinn
Basic to intermediate skills for WordPress hooks (actions and filters).
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Integration of WordPress With External APIs
Aaron Campbell
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Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
Jared Atchison
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Using Git: Case Studies & Workflow
Joachim Kudish
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Theme Busters “R” Us
Lance Willett
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Stay Classy, WordPress
Andrew Norcross
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Caching for Coders
Zack Tollman
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  1. Shaun Snapp

    Hey Lucy,

    This is a great service you provided by posting this information. I think you are doing a great job of demonstrating how to really add value to the community that relies upon you. I feel like you put relationships and value added before just getting business, and that is the right approach. Provide great services and the rest naturally follows instead of the other way around. You make me think how to do the same type of thing on my blogs. You are a leader in this area.

    1. LucyBeer

      Hey Shaun – thanks so much for your kind comment! WordPress is all about community and that's one of the best things about WordCamps, is the community feeling, and the sharing that happens. So I definitely try and do my part…

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