How to Delete All Comments in WordPress

Comments can easily build up on a WordPress site, especially if you don’t have any anti-spam measures in place. It seems easy enough to get rid of them all, there are tons of plugins for this, but there are some nuances you should be aware of to make sure you’re deleting the right information, and doing a thorough job.

Let’s look at how to clean up this aspect of your WordPress site.

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Destination folder already exists error in WordPress

The “destination folder already exists” message will show up in your WordPress dashboard if you try to install a theme or a plugin that already exists on the server.

To learn more about the behind the scenes of your WordPress site, please see this guide: Going Beyond WordPress Basics

But, in brief, when you install a plugin or theme, a folder on your server is created.

So if you try to upload the same plugin or theme again, there will already be a folder with the same name, and that creates a conflict – you can’t have more than 1 folder in the same location with the same name.

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How to Delete a Theme in WordPress

It’s a good practice to remove unused themes so that you don’t have to maintain them with updates for security purposes.

If a theme is installed on your site, it means all the files still exist on your server. That means the code could still be exploited, even if the theme isn’t active. So you either have to maintain the updates for the theme, or you should just remove it.

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How To Back Up Your WordPress Site To Dropbox

Last Updated on January 24, 2021.

Backing up your WordPress site is a necessity, but it can be hard to find an affordable, easy-to-implement solution that covers all the bases. There are a lot of possibilities out there, but the following have served me well over the years. I usually only have to use them on shared hosting plans. Some of my sites are on managed WordPress hosts who take care of backups as part of the plan.

Here are my criteria for a backup solution:

  1. Ability to back up both database and files
  2. Ability to schedule these backups separately – I haven’t found too many situations where a full file backup is needed as frequently as the database backup
  3. Offers backup to an off-site 3rd party. You don’t want to keep backups on your server because if something goes wrong with the server, your backups could be lost. Backups sent via email are usually only realistic for the database, full site backups would be too large to email.

My preferred solution is to backup sites to my DropBox account. You can get 2GB of storage with a free account.

I typically use one of the following 2 plugins to back up my sites:

Both are free plugins that meet the criteria described above.

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