Best Way To Add Blank Lines & Space In WordPress Editor

Add Extra Space In WordPress EditorIf you’ve used WordPress even just a little bit,  you’ve probably come up against the fact that it’s really hard to add extra space into the editor. You can only hit “return” a couple of times before it starts eating those extra line spaces you’re trying to create. So if you want to create extra empty space in your page or post – anything beyond a paragraph break or two, you’ve probably pulled your hair out. There’s several workarounds you can use if you happen to know HTML but that horrifies many non-techie WordPress users. Well the best way I have now found is an awesomely simple and to-the-point plugin called Spacer.

Spacer places an icon on your toolbar. You click it once and it inserts a shortcode which by default gives you 20 pixels of empty space but it’s really easy to change that number to fit your needs (click the image below to check it out). No more futzing with HTML or tearing your hair out!!

Add Extra Space Into WordPress Editor


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  1. John Stephens

    I have fought this battle for years and never figured it out and this plugin solved the problem immediatly! Thank you!

  2. Ed

    My issue is with Blank spaces but not for images. If you’ve ever looked at music with Guitar chords in it you’ll see that there is a row above the lyrics with the chords showing about the appropriate word. I’ve yet to figure out how to do that.

  3. JMunce

    How can I edit the code in square brackets so that the spacer does not apply to mobile?

    It causes real design problems by having a huge space on mobile.

  4. Michael

    Hey Lucy,

    Great find! What a little gem this plugin is turning out to be.

    I always prefer to use CSS whenever possible to control spacing issues but I've found a couple of situations where the CSS was just so darn tricky and frustrating and Spacer saved the day.

    Thanks for the review — you no doubt saved me a lot of headachces with this one!

  5. Jade

    Hi! Thanks for posting this great plugin. Question, is there a solution for a horizontal space? I need a space in between my horizontally placed images. Thanks

    1. LucyBeer

      Hi Jade
      I think you will find both these articles useful:


  6. @abinashmohanty

    Nice article and thanks for the tips Lucy! I would definitely try this into my wordpress having twenty thirteen theme.

  7. ayoushe

    The front page of the responsive theme has a space above the three widgets at the bottom can I use that space to place a banner?

  8. Ree Klein

    I'm so excited to read this, Lucy, I can't wait to give it a try. I hate that I can't get space between my bulleted or numbered lists and I'm so hoping that this solves my problem.

    Thanks for the tip!
    Ree ~ I blog at

    1. LucyBeer

      Hi Ree – this plugin could probably help, but it sounds like a better fix would be to adjust the CSS of your theme, so that the extra space was automatically applied to all your lists, and you wouldn't have to do it manually every time.

      1. Ree Klein

        Hey, I was just coming back to let you know that it worked great. The only problem is that the code shows up when you copy/paste into MailChimp. I'll have to figure out how to change the CSS to eliminate that problem.

        Thanks, Lucy!

        1. LucyBeer

          Hi Ree – thanks for the feedback. What you are seeing in MailChimp is expected. WordPress shortcodes ONLY work in WordPress. If you paste it anywhere else, it will just show the shortcode. That's going to be true of ANY WordPress shortcode. Spacing inside a MailChimp newsletter is a separate issue that you should deal with using the MailChimp editing tools.

  9. ssallin

    I find editing in WordPress very frustrating. Trying to just put in a signle space or move images where you want them can be an exercsie in futility. Have you done an article on how to place things into a post in the way you want without WordPress doing what it wants? Does that mean I need to learn code? I joined a bloghop and actually placed some code in the right space and got rid of some Returns. Iwas very proud. Do I need to learn code to place photos and text where I want them?

    1. LucyBeer

      Hi Sandra – I'd have to see exactly what you're trying to do. Most likely you just need to use the image alignment feature properly and understand how that works.

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