WordPress Widget To Display A Twitter Hashtag

Need a Twitter plugin that does a little more than simply display your own Tweets in the sidebar? Tweet Blender does a ton of stuff:

Tweet Blender is tag-aware and has support for multiple authors, lists, hashtags, and keywords all blended together. The plugin can show tweets from just one user or a list of users (as all other Twitter plugins do); however, it can also show tweets for a topic which you can define via Twitter hashtag or keyword. But there is more! It can also show tweets for multiple authors AND multiple lists AND multiple keywords AND multiple hashtags all blended together into a single stream.

The output is pretty slick looking too….

Tweet Blender - Twitter WordPress Plugin

After you install the plugin you’ll find a pretty comprehensive set of options under Settings> Tweet Blender, but the real action happens on your Widgets screen. You’ll find several new widgets available that have Tweet Blender functionalities, as described above. Another widget not mentioned above is one called “Tweet Blender For Tags”, which “Shows related tweets by searching Twitter using tags of your post as keywords.”

Find out more at: WordPress › Tweet Blender « WordPress Plugins.

What are your favorite Twitter plugins?

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