Get More Out Of Google Analytics – 4 Gems You Might Be Missing

Google Analytics - 4 Hidden Gems

Google Analytics is a super-powerful tool and most people only scratch the surface. Here’s a few cool features to check out that you may not have discovered yet.

Do You Need A Better Mobile Strategy?

Google Analytics - Audience Overview - MobileTalk of responsive design, mobile apps, mobile plugins etc are all the buzz right now, but what will be the best strategy for you? If your site is not responsive, will it be worth investing in a responsive design, or should you just use a WordPress plugin to cover your bases?

Well one way to find out is to look at the mobile report within Analytics to see how many people are even trying to access your site from a mobile device. You’ll find this report under the Audience tab on the left. Click on Overview and you’ll see a simple breakdown of how many visits came via desktop vs mobile devices. Currently Analytics doesn’t distinguish between tablets and smartphones – both are ‘mobile’.

Click the pie chart icon on the right to get a nice visualization of what percentage of visitors use a mobile device.

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