In Life and SEO – There Are No Guarantees!

Business owners are often asking how they can be ranked #1 on Google, or if they should trust the company that told them they would guarantee a first place ranking. A common turn of phrase is that a company told them they would “put them #1” on Google. If only it were that easy! I always steer clients away from such offers, tempting as they are, and try and explain the complexities and many factors involved in ranking. Google didn’t get to spawn its own verb by enabling folks to ‘put’ any ole’ site at the top!

Anyway, Gary from Relevant Trafik has thankfully written a great piece on exactly why this guarantee is bogus. I’ll definitely be referring clients and business-owners to it!

Here’s one of my favorite parts since it comes straight from Google’s mouth:

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Question from a user to one of the Google Engineers: Should I believe SEO agencies that promise to make my site rank first in Google in a few months and with a precise number of links?

Google’s response: No one can make that promise; therefore the short answer is no, you should not.

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  1. Stephanie Riggs

    Some people provide you guarantee that they can rank up your website on the top of the Google within given time but in fact, there is no guarantee of number one ranking because your competitors also doing this job and may be they are running SEO campaign effective then you. It is very necessary to have check upon your competitor and know what he is doing then move forward and run your SEO campaign batter than your competitors as well as follow white hat method which will lead your website on the top of search engine at last.

  2. @SpookSEO

    Lucy this is what we called the best practice of an SEO and I think a good SEO never guarantee for this because Google do not focus on thousands of link but Google always focus on the quality and relevancy of your writing with what the user desire to search. I think the best way is to have the best quality of relevant content and if you have the best social marketing for it will not only increase PR but also you will get the best traffic to your website or page.

  3. Alex

    HI, I love your post! I'd like to share. Recovering from Penguin 2.0 is all about positioning your website as an authority. If your website is using advertorials or black hat tactics, stop right away and work to earn links organically. It may take a little bit longer, but it’s worth it in the end. When it comes to links, determine which ones are low quality or hire a professional to give you a link audit. Get those links removed, perform disavow requests, and submit a reconsideration request to Google if necessary. thanks a lot!

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