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recommended web hosting for WordPress - Bluehost

I’ve been using Bluehost to host my websites for many years and I recently became an affiliate.  Here’s why I choose to use Bluehost and recommend them:

  1. Impressive uptime – Bluehost has provided the most consistent uptime of any webhost I’ve used – they are very reliable.
  2. They keep up with the latest versions of WordPress. Other hosts I’ve used are often months out of date. BlueHost had WP3.0 available for installation hours after the official release. This means you can keep your WP installtion up-to-date and more secure.
  3. Live customer support. The hosting is inexpensive, but unlike other cheap hosts, you can still reach a real human being if you need support.
  4. Competitive pricing (approx $7/month)
  5. You can register domains as well ($15/year)
  6. You can have multiple websites hosted on one account, saving you money
  7. They also happen to be one of WordPress’ recommended services.

Check out BlueHost’s service