SEO Made Simple – Learn Basic SEO

Need help learning practical  and basic SEO techniques?
I help make SEO simple!

I can help you:

  • Assess the SEO performance of your current site, identify problems and opportunities
  • Teach you how to make changes to your site to improve SEO
  • Show you how to find relevant keywords and help you brainstorm
  • Teach you what on and off-site factors make a difference to your site’s performance in search engine rankings
  • How to monitor your site’s rankings and analyze your site traffic to determine what’s working
  • Work with you to create content strategies for your site and other strategies to improve SEO

Fee Structure:

Remote training (via phone + screensharing): $60/hour
In-person meeting in Culver City: $70/hour

If you require training for a group, such as your company’s staff, fees will vary – please enquire.

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