The Huge Importance of Tiny First and Next Steps

the importance of first steps

The first step in any new project is often the hardest. At the beginning, the idea exists only in your mind with no tangible manifestations of it, and therefore no “proof” that it can be achieved. Our human nature is vulnerable to self doubt and fear, making our seedling idea susceptible to “it’ll never happen” or “it won’t be successful” types of thought patterns.

This is what makes our first steps so important. The first step marks a decision, a new direction; it declares that we will go forward despite our fears or self-doubt. The first step gives us momentum and belief in our project, whether its starting a personal hobby blog or an entire new business. I work with a lot of new bloggers and hopeful online entrepreneurs who come to me because they have a gap in their technical knowledge and that is preventing them moving forward. For some people the act of contacting me and setting up an appointment is an important step for them in signifying their commitment to their idea, and getting the knowledge they need in order to implement it. The lack of technical knowledge is often one of the first blocks people come up against and fortunately it’s one of the easiest blocks to remove, but often lurking behind it are mental blocks that are more entrenched.

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