6 Common WordPress “Gotchas” To Avoid

6 common WordPress Problems to avoid

I teach people on a daily basis how to use WordPress, from the ground up. A few face-smackingly simple issues come up time and again.

1) Pasting from Word will make your posts look funky

Anytime you copy and paste directly into the WordPress editor, from Microsoft Word, another website, or any other outside source, you run the risk of it looking, well,  a bit funky ,when you publish it. This is because other applications, especially Word, have their own set of formatting that gets carried over when you copy/paste. Usually this ends up conflicting with the formatting and styling of your theme. You may not realize there is an issue until you publish the post and something looks off – the fonts don’t quite match, or the spacing is strange. 9 times out of 10 in these cases, it’s because you copied/pasted from Word. To avoid such issues, simply use the 2 clipboard buttons on the second line of the post editing toolbar with the T and the W on them.

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How To Change Colors of Comment Text, Number, Brackets and Backgrounds in Thesis

change colors of comment elements in thesis

The other day a friend asked me about styling the various parts of the Thesis comments display and when trusty Google didn’t come up with a fast answer, I was forced to delve into some CSS with the aid of Firebug to determine the solution.

If you use the Thesis theme, on your homepage you may display the number of comments for a post, like so:

thesis comments


So the question is, how to change the colors of each of those elements – the word ‘comments’, the curly brackets and the number of comments. You can simply copy/paste the relevant code snippet from below into your custom css file to achieve the desired result. I’m using the color #000000 in the code samples, but you can pick out your own colors here.

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Notes & Resources from WordPress for Business Meetup

The Southern California WordPress Meetup was a lot of fun as usual. Natalie Maclees was our gracious host and even provided dinner for everyone. WordPress provided swag, and Packt publishing gave away a free copy of their “WordPress for Business Bloggers” book. We had a full group of awesome WP lovers at various levels of experience, and with a diverse range of businesses.

We covered a variety of issues under the umbrella of ‘WordPress for Business.’ Here’s some of the resources that came up during the course of the evening. If you’re in Los Angeles and using WordPress, you’ll find this group to be a great resource for information and networking.

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