Computer Skills For Bloggers

Once you start blogging you’re going to find that it’s a lot more than just writing and figuring out WordPress! I’ve found that a lot of clients are frustrated by not knowing how to do certain tasks on their computer, or could just save themselves a lot of time by learning the best, most efficient way to do things. Here are some of the common tasks that I find a lot of new bloggers and non-techies struggle with. I can teach you how to do all these and more.

How to resize an image and optimize images for your website

To make your posts look great, you’ll want to include images. But if you include a lot of huge images in your posts, you’ll slow down the loading of your site. Your WordPress theme may require ‘featured images’ of a particular size, so you’ll need to know how to work with dimensions and cropping to satisfy your theme. I can show you how to do basic image editing, resizing and optimizing to get the best results for your blog. Don’t worry if you don’t own a fancy image editing program like Photoshop, there are plenty of free tools you can use!

How to make best use of your browser (and by browser I mean Google Chrome or Firefox)

You can get a lot more done, and do it faster if you know how to use your browser properly. I can show you things like how to get to your login screen quickly, how to use browser tabs to multi-task, how to perform Google searches effectively, handy keyboard shortcuts etc.

How to securely keep track of all your online accounts

This is one of the biggest pain points for bloggers. We have so many online accounts to keep track of and we need to keep them secure as well. Weak passwords are the main point of entry for hackers so we need to stop using the same easy password on every site! Using tools like 1Password or LastPass you can keep your accounts secure without having to remember a million passwords!

How to use Evernote

Evernote was a revelation for me since it streamlined my blogging workflow and gave me a place to store all my random ideas in a useful way.
Evernote helps you get organized, capture blog post ideas and remember EVERYTHING no matter where you are.

How to use IFTTT

I use IFTTT to automate certain social media tasks to make best use of my time. It lets you connect a multitude of social channels so that if you perform an action on one, it can trigger an action on another. A simple example might be something like, when you post an image to Instagram, to send out a Tweet at the same time. If you want to automate any social tasks IFTTT is invaluable.

How to use Buffer

Buffer is a great tool for efficiently sharing articles and content to your social accounts.

If you need help with any of the above, or something similar, drop me a line using the form below.

Fee Structure:
Remote training (via phone + screensharing): $60/hour
In-person meeting in Culver City: $70/hour

Email support: $60/hr

If you require training for a group, such as your company’s staff, fees will vary – please enquire.

I respond to most emails within 2 business days. If you haven’t heard from me, be sure to check your spam folder! To avoid my reply getting lost there, add: [email protected] to your address book.