Online Marketing Training & Consulting

I’ve been helping companies of all sizes in various industries, as well as solopreneurs, reach their target audience online since 2001.

I can help you:

  • Create and improve an effective online marketing strategy for your business from a holistic perspective – including SEO, blogging, analytics, social media, email marketing etc
  • Improve your site’s effectiveness – get more traffic, improve conversions, make it more compelling
  • Has traffic plateau-ed? Maybe you’re just running out of ideas? I’ll help give your marketing plan a shot in the arm
  • Troubleshoot your strategy – website not performing as expected? Things just not coming together? I’ll do a thorough assessment to find out why and provide a detailed plan to fix it.
  • Learn the foundations of SEO
  • Learn about social networking
  • Learn how to use blogging to your advantage
  • Come up with creative promotional and strategic ideas to make your business stand out and achieve your goals
  • Get more from your Google Analytics

Fee Structure:

Remote training (via phone + screensharing): $60/hour
In-person meeting in Culver City: $70/hour

I’m available for a one-time consultation, or to provide support on an ongoing basis. Contact me below.