Hosting Recommendations for your WordPress Site

web hosting recommendations for your WordPress site

There is an overwhelming choice of web hosts these days and it can be hard to determine which would be a good fit. A Google search will reveal many blog posts on the subject which are really are just a roundup of that blog’s sub-par affiliates that haven’t been vetted for quality.

I’ve been running my own sites for over 14 years now, and have also had many years experience with client websites and all their various hosts.  So I have direct experience with many different hosts and have also interacted with the technical support departments of many of them.

My recommendations have changed over the years as the landscape has evolved – previously reliable hosts have gone downhill,  and a new segment of WordPress-specific hosts has developed and thrived.

There isn’t a host that is 100% trouble-free. You’ll always come across horror stories here and there, but with the reputable companies I work with, those stories are the exception and not the rule.

When choosing a host there are innumerable criteria you could use. In this short quiz I’ve distilled it to some key factors that should influence your selection. I have experience with all the hosts included either because, in most cases, I have my own sites hosted on them (this site is hosted on WP Engine) , or have worked with clients over a long period of time that have used their hosting. Some of the links are affiliate links and some are not. But I don’t include any host I haven’t or wouldn’t use myself.

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WordPress Hosting Selection Quiz

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