These tutorials are appropriate for those new to WordPress, or for non-coders.

Google PageSpeed Insights – A Common Sense Guide For WordPress Users

Google PageSpeed Insights – A Common Sense Guide for WordPress Users

Listen, let’s keep it real, I don’t think you should use PageSpeed Insights unless you’re a developer. PageSpeed has its heart in the right place, but it’s not intended for the average WordPress site owner and the reports it provides are ripe for misinterpretation.

Have you ever watched the show Silicon Valley? One of the main characters is Richard, the CEO of a tech startup. He’s a programming genius but socially inept. He has great intentions and a grand vision, but as a leader, he doesn’t do the best job at communicating his vision and is notoriously ineffective at public speaking.

PageSpeed Insights has a lot in common with Richard: they both have great ideas and communicate them poorly.

The basic message of PageSpeed Insights could be translated as follows:

  • Keep your pages light and simple.
  • Avoid unnecessary fanciness.
  • Consider mobile users, particularly those who pay for every byte of data.
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How To Have Different Sidebar Content On Different Pages Of Your WordPress Site

How to Have Different Sidebar Content On Different Pages of Your WordPress Site

Not all WordPress themes provide a way to have totally different sidebar content on different pages of your site. Some may provide a little flexibility with, for example a sidebar for the blog and a different sidebar for static pages, but sometimes you need more comprehensive control. You may need an additional set of navigation on a certain set of sub-pages, or you may want to hide some widgets on mobile devices, or for other specific conditions.

There are several different plugins that help you gain this type of flexibility with your site.

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7 Simple WordPress Performance Test Best Practices

7 Simple WordPress Performance Test Best Practices

These days it seems most WordPress users are aware of the need for speed on their websites: conversions, SEO, user experience etc. I won’t recycle all the usual stats here ;)

Maybe you’ve read some articles and seen that you need to speed test your site. So you click on whichever tool is mentioned, input your URL and proceed to freak out at the results.

But wait! Before freaking out, make sure you’re observing these rudimentary best practices when doing a performance test on your WordPress site.

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Which Speed Testing Tool Should You Use For Your WordPress Site?

Which Speed Testing Tool Should You Use For Your WordPress Site?

Measuring the loading time of your WordPress site is a critical step in optimizing for speed. You have to know how your site is performing to understand where the bottlenecks are and to measure the impact of optimizations you’re making, or the content you add to your site. There are numerous tools available for measuring the performance of your site, each of them providing a different result, which is understandably confusing. Which one is “right”?

So which speed testing tool should you use? The real answer is that it depends on what you want to measure
in how much detail you want to measure it.

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Increase Traffic And Improve SEO Using Google Search Console

Increase Traffic and Improve SEO Using Google Search Console

Now that you’re all set up with Search Console and Analytics, let’s look at a couple of easy ways to improve your SEO and traffic using the information these tools provide.

Using the information provided in the Acquisition > Search Console tabs we’re going to look at how to find opportunities to improve the ranking of your pages, find more content to write about, make the most of the traffic you’re already getting and more. By looking at these reports, you can create a targeted approach based on real data.

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How And Why To Set Up Google Search Console For Your WordPress Site

How and Why To Set Up Google Search Console for Your WordPress Site

Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools, is a must-have for your WordPress site. It is a free account which will give you a lot of useful information about the search health of your site. Additionally you’ll get valuable SEO data about keywords, click through rates etc, which you could not otherwise get in Google Analytics alone. There are other uses and features of Search Console, but in this and the next post, I’ll be focusing on the marketing uses of Search Console.

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