WordPress – Going Beyond The Basics – Slides from Wordcamp Seattle 2012

WordCamp Seattle 2012

This weekend I had the honor and pleasure of speaking at Seattle’s WordCamp. I have never attended a WordCamp outside of Southern California before and was pleased to experience the same feeling of community there that I have at other events.

My topic was “WordPress – Going Beyond The Basics: An Adventure Behind the Scenes of your WordPress Site!

The goal was to introduce some key files, concepts and best practices for WordPress users who are not developers but are ready to take their knowledge of WordPress further than the dashboard. The presentation included a quick live demo of how to make a CSS tweak using Chrome Developer Tools, by way of a child theme.

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Speaking at OC Wordcamp – WordPress for Marketing

I’ve been given the opportunity to speak this weekend at OC Wordcamp (thanks Brandon!) on the topic: WordPress for Marketing. I will be discussing ways to optimize your blog to market yourself, your business or service. I’ll  be covering things like:

  • Some plugins you can use to help make your site ‘sticky’
  • How to discover what people really want from your site
  • How to collect information from your visitors and develop your mailing list
  • Making sure your site effectively communicates your desired message
  • Find out what’s working and what could be more effective on your site
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