Intermediate tutorials may include code modifications, or use of tools like FTP. If you’re not a full-on developer, but you’re also not scared of getting your hands dirty, these tutorials are good for you :)

Reduce Unused JavaScript In WordPress

Reduce unused JavaScript in WordPress

Remove unused JavaScript is a common, but technical, recommendation from PageSpeed. It’s hard to satisfy correctly, but I’ll show you the shortcut that will have a huge impact on your PageSpeed score

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Improve The Mobile Speed Of Your WordPress Site

Improve the mobile speed of your WordPress site

If you’ve ever run a PageSpeed or other speed test for the mobile version of your site, you’ve undoubtedly been horrified by the low speed and score compared to the desktop version  of your site.

In this post I’ll explain:

  • Why mobile performance is always worse
  • The primary cause of slow mobile pages
  • How to create different mobile versions of your pages
  • How to remove unnecessary files from your mobile pages
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