Social Media For Psychologists And Therapists

I presented to a group of psychologists the other week about getting started with online marketing and some interesting issues were raised around how they can use social media.

Most social media strategists for business advocate being open, connecting with individuals on a personal level, and freely sharing information. But what happens when professional, ethical and legal considerations restrict such activity? Psychologists, along with other medical professionals face a unique set of challenges.

Here’s some of the talking points that came up.

Does blogging provide too much information that a client should be paying for?
This is a question that crosses industries – does giving away information cannibalize your business? The overall consensus would seem to be that the more you give, the more you get but guidelines must be observed for this profession. First of all, a blog post could in no way replace the value or experience of an actual therapy session, and it would also be inappropriate to try and provide actual therapy in this way.

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