Facebook Timeline For Profiles and Pages – Get Ready!

Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook is getting ready to complete the rollout of Timeline to all business Pages on March 30th. So no matter what, your page will have Timeline on March 30th, whether you like it or not!! As with all things Facebook, there’s good and bad to these changes. My personal biggest peeves are that the huge image space at the top, while pretty,  clearly favors creative types and puts us regular, creatively-inept types at a disadvantage. Secondly, I also find the layout hard to read. The traditional stream reads easily from top to bottom in a straight line. The Timeline stream jumps back and forth from left to right, which is pretty unnatural to the eye.

From a business point of view, since switching my personal profile Timeline, I’m noticing that when I, as an individual, “like” a Facebook Page, it seems to get very little exposure on my Timeline which is a bit unfortunate.

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