How To Change The Color Of The Thesis Comment Box

change colors of comment box and text in thesis

Since I’ve had a few clients that have been using the Thesis theme, I’ve learned a thing or two about it, and have written a couple posts in the past. On one of those posts I received a question about changing the color of the comment box in Thesis and thought I would respond with a screencast. You’ll find the code snippets mentioned in the video,at the bottom of the post.

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How To Change Colors of Comment Text, Number, Brackets and Backgrounds in Thesis

change colors of comment elements in thesis

The other day a friend asked me about styling the various parts of the Thesis comments display and when trusty Google didn’t come up with a fast answer, I was forced to delve into some CSS with the aid of Firebug to determine the solution.

If you use the Thesis theme, on your homepage you may display the number of comments for a post, like so:

thesis comments


So the question is, how to change the colors of each of those elements – the word ‘comments’, the curly brackets and the number of comments. You can simply copy/paste the relevant code snippet from below into your custom css file to achieve the desired result. I’m using the color #000000 in the code samples, but you can pick out your own colors here.

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How To Make Thesis Teasers Full Column Width

In a previous article I discussed how to add thumbnail images to your Thesis teasers as an easy way to customize the look.
Another fairly simple tweak you can make to the teasers is to change the width. By default the teasers are set to be half the width of the main column, displaying 2 teasers per row, like this:

thesis teasers - default 2 coumns
For an alternate look, I like them to display the full width of the column so you only have one per row, like this:

full width Thesis teasers

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How To Add A Thumbnail Image to Thesis Teasers

Teasers are nice default feature of the Thesis WordPress theme. However, to take them to the next level there are a couple of nice n’ easy customizations you can make to move beyond the default look. This post will discuss thumbnail images. A future post will address changing the width and styling of the teasers.

The addition of an image to the teaser is a really simple way to give your Thesis design an extra boost. This is especially great for creative sites that use wonderful imagery – food blogs, arts n crafty blogs, art/design blogs etc.

Assuming you also typically use a header image at the very top of your post (similar to the way posts on this blog look), the easiest way to achieve this by default is to use Thesis image fields to handle the main image for your post, from which it will also auto-create the teaser thumbnail.

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