Gmail Introduces Tabs, Makes Life Harder For You & Me

Gmail Introduces Promotions TabDoing the rounds on the interwebs lately is a lot of talk about the new feature Gmail is launching in their interface – tabs. It’s going to make life harder for those of us that send out email newsletters and for those of us who have signed up and like to receive email newsletters. So yeah, just about everyone ;)

Basically Gmail has decided to divide up your inbox into tabs – one of which will be called “Promotions” – this is where a lot of email newsletters – not spam, but ones you have actually signed up for – will end up. This means it’ll be harder for you to find the stuff you want to read, and if you publish emails, it could definitely impact your readership.

Kikolani has a great article on what this all means and how to work with it.

Gmail Promotions Tab

As a receiver or sender of email – make sure you read up and find out what Gmail has in store….

UPDATE: A great blog post from MailChimp about the very real impact this change is having.

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  1. laura

    Hi Lucy! I was just complaining out loud to Paul about how annoying these tabs are. Then I clicked over to "promotions" and saw your headline. I couldn't agree more. I would prefer to choose for myself what I would like to consider as a promotion, etc.

  2. Jeff Hester

    I love the new Gmail tabs, personally. Rather than turn them off, I'd recommend instructing people how to leverage them to manage their email.

    I get WAY more email in my Promotions tab than in my Primary tab. My primary tab should be for people that I'm interacting with — friends, family, colleagues. I still go through my other tabs, but as time allows. Pure AWESOME and a great new feature from Google!

    1. LucyBeer

      Couldn't people already do this for themselves using the labels feature if they wanted to? So why force people into having to learn how to use this new feature?

  3. Kristina

    My husband just echoed what Carlie said – that he thinks it'll be better, because it alerts users to "new" promotions, newsletters, etc. and that at some point people will go into that folder with the intent to read…and that he will be less likely to delete and skip over said newsletters because he's looking for the "immediate action" emails he needs.

    1. LucyBeer

      Your husband is also very savvy so it might indeed help him. However, calling something a "promotion" is, in my mind, one step away from calling it spam. It has the flavor that someone's trying to sell you something, and not "hey, here's an email that you actually signed up to receive because it's interesting". As a user I would expect all the stuff I signed up to receive to go into my Inbox – I can filter it for myself once it's there – it's not up to Google to make that decision for me.

  4. @Gedaly

    I disabled tabs. I tend to keep my inbox to a relatively small number and I like to see everthing I have in one place.

  5. Carlie Hamilton

    "This means it’ll be harder for you to find the stuff you want to read" – Actually, as a consumer, things are now easier for me to find the stuff I want to read. If anything, this means I will open more email because I can find the one that I want, instead of deleting emails because they are in my way.

    1. LucyBeer

      That might be true for savvier users like yourself, but I'm not sure it'll be the same for non-savvy users.

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