What’s The Point of Social Media?

A more personal take on what you can get out of social media…

1) Self-expression

For me, this is the Main Point. Everything else listed here is essentially a subdivision of this overarching concept. Social media gives you any number of outlets through which you can reveal aspects of yourself through the information you choose to share, how you choose to help others, opinions you express and the communities you choose to participate in. Social media empowers your self-expression by giving you instant access to a targeted community of your choice where you can find validation, maybe constructive criticism, inspiration, food for thought and overall stimulation. As you participate in social media, your ability to self-express will grow and this is an empowering process in itself.

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9 Time Management Tips For Social Media

One of the most prominent barriers to social media engagement is “I just don’t have time” or even “[insert social site here] is just a waste of time.”

Agreed, Twitter, Facebook and the like CAN be huge time-sucks and the line between time-suckage and utility is a very fine one that requires a lot of monitoring and self-discipline.  Social media can be overwhelming and it’s all too easy to just start clicking on people’s profiles, following links to blog posts and generally getting lost in the maze of the interweb. Before you know it you’ve wasted 30 minutes and not done anything productive. However, once you are able to get past the time-waste factor, you can begin to see the benefits of being involved. I hope these tips will provide some practical methods to optimize your engagement.

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Using Facebook To Boost Donations And Constituent Engagement

Summit Collaborative’s Marc Osten gave a free webinar yesterday about Facebook and how non-profits can use it to boost donations and engagement amongst constituents. He shared some great tips – here’s just a few of the points that were made and many of them apply to all businesses and brands, not just non-profits.

1) Social media is about engagement and building relationships which leads to increased CAPACITY for fundraising – not just about ‘direct asks’ (asking for donations right away).

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