Social Media News Roundup – Week of 08/16

Facebook dominated the social media/online marketing news this week with their launch of Facebook Places – a location-based service along the lines of FourSquare which allows you to “check in” via Facebook to various places you go. While there was much fanfare, the rollout seems to be quite slow as far as people actually being able to access and use it. As with everything Facebook does, it comes with privacy implications. The default setting is that other people can check you into Places. Visit your settings to change that. Here are the instructions.

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A Simple Model For Social Media

Here’s a very simple model for thinking about three main social media channels: your blog, Facebook and Twitter.  I should say that this model applies in particular to solopreneurs and small businesses who are still developing their following and trying to use social media to do so. In this model the starting point is simply looking at who the audience is, since that helps determine tone, content and strategy.

The simplest version:

Your blog is for attracting a new audience, and providing value to your existing audience.

Facebook is for communicating with people you know, or at least have ‘weak ties’ with, i.e people that are already in your network.

Twitter is for actively finding and connecting with people outside of your current network.

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Facebook Features To Help Your Marketing

Using some of Facebook’s native features will help you organically grow your audience whether using a personal profile or business Page.

1) Hyper target your status updates (personal profile)

When you post any type of status update you now have the option to control exactly who sees it. It’s a privacy feature but can be used for marketing to hyper target your messages.

Why would you want to do this?

If you have a personal profile that contains many different types of ‘friends’ – from work friends to clients to personal friends or relatives, not all your updates will be relevant to all your friends. Using this technique helps provide only relevant info to those who are interested in it, and filters out the unnecessary noise for certain segments of your audience.  You can avoid saturating the wrong people with the wrong message.

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Turn Web Browsing From Time Suck to Social Media Time Saver

The folks over at have been kind enough to publish an article by yours truly. They just launched a Visitor Submissions section and apparently mine was the very first to be published – woo! The article is titled “How to Turn Web Browsing From Time Suck To Social Media Time Saver.” In it I discuss how using some simple browser tools that can help you work your social media profiles with minimal time investment.

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9 Reasons Why Hootsuite Is The Best Twitter Tool

I continue to recommend Hootsuite as the go-to Twitter application. With more features and a better interface than Tweetdeck, and more features always being added, Hootsuite will make managing your social media much easier. Here’s a few of my favorite Hootsuite features.


Not only can you track clicks on your links by using the link shortener built in to Hootsuite, but in a recent update, Hootsuite also added the ability to tag your links with Google Analytics codes so that those clicks can be integrated into your Google Analytics reporting. Brilliant.

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