Facebook Features To Help Your Marketing

Using some of Facebook’s native features will help you organically grow your audience whether using a personal profile or business Page.

1) Hyper target your status updates (personal profile)

When you post any type of status update you now have the option to control exactly who sees it. It’s a privacy feature but can be used for marketing to hyper target your messages.

Why would you want to do this?

If you have a personal profile that contains many different types of ‘friends’ – from work friends to clients to personal friends or relatives, not all your updates will be relevant to all your friends. Using this technique helps provide only relevant info to those who are interested in it, and filters out the unnecessary noise for certain segments of your audience.  You can avoid saturating the wrong people with the wrong message.

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Turn Web Browsing From Time Suck to Social Media Time Saver

The folks over at BitRebels.com have been kind enough to publish an article by yours truly. They just launched a Visitor Submissions section and apparently mine was the very first to be published – woo! The article is titled “How to Turn Web Browsing From Time Suck To Social Media Time Saver.” In it I discuss how using some simple browser tools that can help you work your social media profiles with minimal time investment.

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Using Online Social Networking To Reinforce Offline Networking

I’ve been attending quite a few different networking events and groups lately, to expand both my business and social circles and so I’ve been thinking about how social networking happens on and offline. For me, networking is about more than collecting business cards – it becomes much more interesting, fun and effective when you add social media into the mix as I describe below.

If you are not already connecting the dots between your offline and online social networking, you’re missing out on the real benefits. In The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell emphasizes the importance of ‘weak ties’ – social media is the perfect way to maintain these – especially for an introverted geek like me who’d prefer to tap at a keyboard than pick up a phone ;)

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Mashable’s 8 Tips for Managing a LinkedIn Group

This is a great read from Mashable and I think the general principles apply not only to LinkedIn, but to running a group or community on any platform. If you thought just engaging in social media was a lot of work, read this before you get all gung-ho and decide to start your own group! If you do it right, and follow these guidelines, you’ll see that it takes time and effort to create a successful group.

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